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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?
Because all houses and windows are different, it is difficult over the phone or online to give an accurate price. Therefore we always give a written quotation based on a quick visual inspection. This is a free no obligation quote where the number of windows and their type will be taken into consideration along with any access and parking issues. This is always done at a mutually agreed time and date.
How frequently do you clean the windows?
We clean all year round and the service is based on keeping your windows clean throughout the year on an agreed regular basis.
Do I need to be at home?
Many of our customers are out during the day, so you do not have to be there. We’ll text or ring you the day before we clean. All we ask is that you leave a side gate open on the day we are going to clean.
How do you clean my windows?
We use specialist water fed pole equipment and carry the pure water in a purpose made tank in our van. The pure water is pumped through a tube and up via a brush to clean your windows, frames and sills. Once the dirt is scrubbed off, we rinse your window and leave it to dry naturally. Because the water is pure it dries leaving no marks at all. Your windows are cleaner than ever before; no dirt, no birds mess, no water stains or any smears. Just crystal clear windows.
How can I pay?
Payment can be made by direct debit, it is never on a set date and is the simplest method to pay for your window cleaning. You are notified before any payment comes out and if for any reason we do not clean your windows we simply do not request payment. The payment process is managed by Gocardless which handles secure payments from your local window cleaner right up to big companies like Virgin and Thomas Cook. Please visit our payments page for more information.
What happens if you damage my property?
In this unlikely event, we hold full liability insurance. Copies of certificates are available on request.
Do you clean leaded windows?
Water fed pole cleaning is perfect for leaded windows. With no detergents or dirt to hide in the seams of leaded windows, we’ll get them clearer than they have ever been.
Will you clean the insides as well?
We are able to clean your inside windows using the traditional window cleaning method. All we ask is that all ornaments and personal possessions are removed from around the window so the risk of damaging your property is kept to a minimum. Please also ensure that net curtains etc. are removed to allow good working access to the windows being cleaned.
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